General Questions(5)

  1. What is AnyTalk?

    AnyTalk cross-platform instant messaging app for iOS and Android devices. You can send messages, photos or videos, share contacts or locations to people who are your contacts and have AnyTalk. You can also create group chats for up to 1000 people, make secure encrypted chats to protect your correspondence from intruders or make hidden chats to protect it from prying eyes. You can do it all on both iOS and Android, phones and tablets at the same time.

  2. How is AnyTalk different from WhatsApp?

    You can use AnyTalk on up to 10 mobile devices, no matter is it iOS or Android, phone or tablet. All chats and history will sync across your devices, but don’t stored on our servers, so it’s both cloud-based and secure for your private information. Also AnyTalk is free and don’t require subscription. No ads, no strings attached.

  3. How is AnyTalk different from Telegram?

    AnyTalk is taking care about your convenience and privacy, so we sync chats history across your devices, but don’t store it on our servers. Your chats history is yours and no one else can read it.
    For secure chats we use encryption keys which our servers don’t know about, so just you and your interlocutor will read encrypted conversation, there is no place for the man in the middle. Also you can make encrypted group chats and sync secure chats history across all your devices. This is secure and nice.

  4. How is AnyTalk different from all other messengers?

    For one account we not just support different devices and sync all your data between them, but also give you ability to tie different phone numbers for the same account. This way you can insure yourself from losing access to the account when you lost sim-card, as well as freely use AnyTalk while you travel around the globe and use different sim-cards.

  5. Which devices are supported?

    AnyTalk is available for iOS (6 and above) and Android (2.2 and above) devices. For iOS we support iPhones, iPods and iPads. Also there are Windows and Mac OS desktop clients in development, as well as web version for browsers.

Basic Questions(5)

  1. Who can I chat with?

    You can write to people, who are in your phone contacts book and use AnyTalk. On top of that you can connect additional channels and write to people who use AnyTalk and your Facebook friends, or Twitter followers, or VK friends, or Gmail contacts. And anytime you can find people to chat with by using AnyTalk ID. More ways to find friends will come with updates! You can also write to whoever sends you a message and to people with whom you are in the same group chat, even if you don't know them.

  2. How do I know, who in my contacts has AnyTalk?

    After you give AnyTalk rights to look at your phone address book, or connect any social network, we look for people who use AnyTalk and show them at the top of your Contacts. As soon as we respect your privacy, all contacts from your mobile device are hashed before our server get them, so all your contacts data are unreadable for us or hackers, but based on hash we still can find your friends who use AnyTalk and get you in touch with them.

  3. How do I invite my friends?

    Under the AnyTalk contacts list there are list of contacts who don’t use AnyTalk yet. You can invite them based on the way this contact came from. I.e. you can invite contact with phone number by SMS, Facebook friend by FB request, Gmail contact by email and so on.

  4. What do the blue ticks mean?

    One tick means message successfully send from your device and delivered to recipient device. Your recipient is notified that he has new message, and need to open AnyTalk to read it. Two ticks means that your message was read, so your recipient opened AnyTalk and opened the conversation that had the message.

  5. What about small clock and exclamation mark?

    Grey clock icon means your message is in process of sending from device. If you don’t have internet connection and message send is failed, there will be red exclamation mark next to such message.

Security Questions(5)

  1. How AnyTalk is secure?

    We are continuously working to improve the security of our protocol and clients. Right now we are using SSL pinning and don’t support such weak solutions as export ciphers, null ciphers, or SSLv2.

  2. What if I need additional layer of security?

    For such situations you can enable end-to-end encryption for both new or existing chats. Encrypted chats leave no trace on our servers and don’t allow forwarding. Our servers even don’t know anything about encryption key, so you will avoid man-in-the-middle attack. Encryption key generates on device of user who initiate chat encryption and must be send to another chat participant by another channel than AnyTalk (voice call, SMS, email, or by private meeting).

  3. What if I believe I could decipher AnyTalk messages?

    Anyone who claims that AnyTalk messages can be deciphered is welcome to prove that claim and write us about results at If you actually find a loophole and will prove it, we’ll be happy to offer you a full-time job at our team.

  4. What if someone have physical access to my phone?

    Encrypted chats will help you when it comes to data transfer and secure communication. But if someone get physical access to your mobile device — let’s say your friend, or mother, or girlfriend — we've got you covered with hidden chats! Such chats protected by password you will set and hidden from both chat and contact lists.

  5. Do you have TOS and Privacy Policy?

    Of course, there are our TOS and Privacy Policy.

Chats Encryption(6)

  1. What is chat encryption?

    After enabling chat encryption, you start using end-to-end encryption, so all following messages will be encrypted by special key. This means only you and the recipient can read those messages — nobody else can decipher them. We suggest to send encryption key by other channels than AnyTalk, so you will be sure even we don’t have access to your secrets. Plus, this way you will exclude man-in-the-middle attack.

  2. How do I enable Encryption?

    You can get encryption key for particular chat by going to user’s profile from Contacts list or from existing chat by tapping on avatar at top-right corner. Tap “Get Encryption key” button and look at instructions on the screen. You will get set of letters and numbers which you need to send to your interlocutor or all members of group.

  3. How secure this “Encryption Key” thing is?

    When encryption is enabled, all outgoing messages will be encrypted by special key and only participants who got this key can read conversation. The key generates on device of user who initiate encryption and must be sent to other chat participant by another channel than AnyTalk (voice call, SMS, email, or by meeting in person). This way our servers knows nothing about your encryption key, plus you will avoid any possibility of man-in-the-middle attack.

  4. My another device show lock icon for each message in encrypted chat.

    This means you another device don’t have encryption key for this chat yet. As soon as encryption key generates on device of user who initiate encryption, you need to move it to your other devices manually. We don’t do it using our servers, because if you need to be 100% sure in this secure channel, you don’t need to trust anyone, even us.

  5. How can I read encrypted chat from all my devices?

    You can send key from first device to your another device using email or open encrypted chat from your second device and tap on [SOME] button. Now you need to fill encryption key from keyboard or just scan QR-code from first device using second one.

  6. How can I read encrypted chats after app reinstallation?

    As soon as you delete AnyTalk app and install it again, your device will no longer have keys for encrypted chats. To read encrypted history you need to fill the key again. You can get it from your another device, or ask your interlocutor, and even fill it manually if you save text- or QR-code somewhere.

Hidden Chats(9)

  1. How Hidden Chats works?

    You can make any chat hidden and it will disappear from recent chats list as well as user whom you chats with will disappear from your contacts list. Your other devices will no longer receive chat history for hidden chat, so it will be bounded with device you hide it from. Each time you quit AnyTalk app or lock screen, this chat will be hidden from prying eyes and only you can see it filling password you set.

  2. How do I make chat hidden?

    To make chat hidden, you must tap eye icon in top-tight corner inside particular chat and set hidden chat switch to on. You will be asked to set password for this chat. Choose a password wisely and remember it, because it is the only way to unhide chat in the future!

  3. How do I read hidden chat?

    Go to chats list and tap at eye icon. You will be asked to fill password. After filling password and tapping OK, you will see hidden chats, if you have such ones.

  4. Is it possible to know that I have hidden chats?

    The beauty of hidden chats that they are completely invisible. There is no indication that you have hidden chats and they don’t have special marks. When you fill password from chats list to show hidden chats — we always accept the password, even if there is no hidden chats associated with it. So if someone ask you to fill password to know do you have hidden chats to not — you can just fill wrong password and nothing will happen. Look of the app for user without hidden chats at all and user with lots of them will be the same until you fill right password.

  5. How do I know that there is new message in hidden chat?

    To not expose that you have hidden chats, we don’t show notifications for it, because they can tell that you have secret conversation. At the other hand, when your friend from hidden chat send you a message, we show you notification about message from last usual chat that you already seen. So if you will have second notification for message you already seen — you have something new in hidden chat!

  6. Do my interlocutor know that he/she in hidden chat?

    No, this is a private feature just for your usage, so no one knows that chat is hidden on your device — even your friend.

  7. User is hidden, but I see him from member list of group chat!

    After hiding chat, we delete all trace of your friendship with hidden user, but you can see him among group chats members, with name that he set in his profile (it may differ from name that you set for this contact). If you or someone else try to open 1-1 chat with such user from your device, hidden user will be added as your contact again, but hidden chat history will be deleted and he become regular user.

  8. Can I unhide chat permanently?

    To permanently unhide chat you need go to chats list screen and fill password to show hidden chats. Now enter particular hidden chat, tap eye icon and set hidden chat switch to off.

  9. I don’t want hide chats right after quitting AnyTalk! Can I adjust the time before hiding?

    Sometimes you are in comfortable environment and can chat with hidden users more freely than usual. To not fill password for hidden chats each time you quit app and return to it again, you can set delay before hiding.

Other features(3)

  1. How can I send emoji?

    For iOS you can enable the emoji keyboard in device‘s Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. Then switch to that keyboard whenever you’re inside chat.
    For Android we enable emoji keyboard by default.

  2. How is unread dot works?

    You will see blue dot from the left side of chats with unread messages. Inside particular chat last unread message will have blue dot next to it, which became empty (read) after 2 seconds you saw it. If you don’t want to answer right now, but want to remind yourself about this conversation, you can tap this empty dot and set unread status to last message, so whole conversation will be marked as unread in recent chats list.

  3. How unread carousel works?

    Inside chat under the conversation title you will see dots which represents number of unread chats. You can swipe left or right to move from one unread chat to another. This unread counter will disappear as soon as you read all conversations and go back to recent chats screen.

Account questions(7)

  1. What happens if I change my phone number?

    Don’t worry, unlike other messengers, AnyTalk account can be tie to different phone numbers. Go to your profile and add another phone number. After verification you can login to your AnyTalk account using both numbers. If you don’t own old phone number anymore, just add new one and delete the old one.

  2. How do I log out?

    iOS: Go to Settings > Account > Edit > Sign out.
    Android: Go to Settings > Sign out.
    As soon as you can use AnyTalk on multiple devices, if you log out, you don't delete your messages on other devices.

  3. How can I delete chats history from other devices?

    When you clearing or deleting particular chat you will be asked to make this action on this particular devices or on all of your devices.

  4. How can I delete all my data from device that I lost or sold?

    Go to Setting > My Devices and choose device which you want to remove from your account. Tap “Remove Device” button and all data (contact list, chats and history) will be deleted from selected device. Also AnyTalk will automatically logout from this device, so no one can login to it again.

  5. How can I delete my account?

    If you would like to delete your account, go to Settings > Account > Edit > Delete My Account. This action will delete your account permanently, as well as all your messages, groups and contacts. This cannot be undone, so think twice before deleting your account.

  6. What happens when I delete my account?

    All messages, groups history and contacts associated with your account will be deleted. But remember, that your contacts will still have their copy of the messages you sent them. Groups that you have created still will be live because they have other members.

  7. What if I sign up again after deleting my account?

    You will appear as a whole new user with new AnyTalk ID. People, who have your phone number in their contacts, will be notified about new friend who join AnyTalk. The new user will be a separate conversation in their chats list.